Reaktor Monolite K

Monolite K

Monolite K is an experimental yet simple sound design tool for Reaktor 5.7 and later


– Monolite Monophonic Keyboard version

– Tone Cut filter

– Grainer unit (granular processing)

– Amp Envelope (ADSR) with Velocity and Glide function

– Fx unit with 17 different effects + automizable X-Y pad controller

– Filter (12/24 db) with Envelope Amount and Keyboard tracking

– High Quality Reverb

– Delay with Tape Saturation Simulation

– Two-Knob Master Equalizer

– Very simple interface with superb Waveform Display

– Low CPU-usage


The ensemble doesn’t work with the Free Reaktor Player.

After the donation a serial number to decrypt the archive will be sent to your email address (the one you use with Paypal) within in 24/48 hours.


Download Monolite K – 1.0.1 (for Reaktor 5.7 or later)

*Reaktor is a trademark of Native Instruments software synthesis.

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