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Monolite and Monolite K Price Reduction!!

FROM NOW ON Monolite – FREE DONATION Monolite K – 7 EUR (instead of 10). Enjoy it!

Monolite Poly K – Coming Soon

NEW FEATURES: + Monophonic / Polyphonic / Drone Mode + New Filters +2 LFOs + 4 Modulation slots + New Redesigned Automation FX + Second Envelope (AD) + Crush Effect  and many other features and improvements….

Reaktor Monolite K

Monolite K is an experimental yet simple sound design tool for Reaktor 5.7 and later Features: – Monolite Monophonic Keyboard version – Tone Cut filter – Grainer unit (granular processing) – Amp Envelope (ADSR) with Velocity and Glide function – Fx unit with 17 different effects + automizable X-Y pad controller – Filter (12/24 db) with […]

Reaktor Monolite

Monolite is an experimental noise/drone/fx Reaktor Ensemble. Features: 4 sine oscillators + tone cut filter + soft clipper saturation + grainer unit (granular processing) + fx unit with 17 different effects + automizable X-Y controller for fx + high-quality reverb. Very simple interface with superb Waveform Display Low CPU-usage Video Demo 1 Video Demo 2 PLEASE […]